Made in Colors

Cabeceo's made-to-order

History       Made in Colors       Time       Zero stock, zero waste

Cabeceo is the brand synonymous of fun, sensuality and dance.


The colours are for Cabeceo like the notes for the music.


We work on timeless pieces that we like to reinvent through colour.


We are always looking for new colours, new colour harmonies, new materials. Our collection evolves according to our desires and our discoveries..... unique pieces, small series, limited series.


What we call Made in Colors is Cabeceo's made-to-order. A customization that allows us to offer you an incredible choice of colours and materials to always respond enthusiastically to your desires and needs.


On our e-shop we have chosen to offer a selection of colors among all possible ones. A colourful harmony in line with our desires and inclinations of the moment!

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Each woman is unique and we are always listening to you.