Dance as an art of living

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The beginning...



It all started with dancing. In Paris.


Aurélie and I met on a dance floor 20 years ago...

We like to dance. With our friends, with our children, alone.

It's a bit like our way of stopping time, of finding ourselves, of laughing, of letting go.


In Argentine tango, cabeceo is the invitation to dance. It is a nod of the head that the man and the woman exchange to invite each other to dance, to agree on a common desire to celebrate together. A non-verbal ritual, full of elegance, sensuality and charm that won us over during our stay in Buenos Aires in 2012.


Tango is much more than a dance, it is a universe of incredible sensations. It is a meditation in movement, it is yoga in music. We felt such well-being when we danced that we had to share it...


Back in France, we decided to change the course of our lives and embark on a common adventure: to create a shoe brand that combines the elegance of a Made in Italy product with the sensuality of Argentine tango and the comfort of a dance shoe.


A priori we were not destined for Fashion. Aurélie comes from the world of images, visuals and style, and I come from theatre and modern art. Aurélie loves colours, materials, design, I love poetry, art and spectacle. We love the elegance of the human body, music, dance, sensuality and La Dolce Vita.


We really wanted to dare together, to speak out in fashion with our sensitivity, our culture and our free eyes.


It took time but with a little courage, desire, curiosity and hard work... we learned.

We wanted a brand of shoes that were really very comfortable, light and flexible to dance until the end of the night. And the day too.

We therefore called on various professional dancers for the development: classical dance, tango, flamenco, salsa.


We had a good laugh but... what a challenge for the fighter: to enhance an outfit with high heels and keep the comfort!


Comfort is for us the real secret of elegance. To be in harmony with your body, to be in harmony with your head, no more suffering to be beautiful!


So we started by travelling all over Italy in search of an atelier that would satisfy our requirements 100%. Then one day... in the Milan area, almost by magic, we met Gianni, our craftsman and guardian angel. Thanks to him everything could finally start.


Cabeceo is now a reality.


It is a colourful and very feminine brand composed of essential and timeless models. We like simple and elegant lines. Like a lightness that dances to the rhythm of colours and joie de vivre...

A brand synonymous of celebration, sensuality and dance.

Andrea Introzzi, co-founder of Cabeceo

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