Via via ... vieni via con me


Buona notizia! The Cabeceo community every day grows a little more and so does the Cabeceo team.

Today we are excited to see you join our adventure rich in met, music, colors et dances !

Cabeceo is a young, colorful and nomadic brand: no boutique or in-store distribution but a great desire to meet our customers and listen to their real desires.

Our strength it is the link that we have built over time with our community and our success the word of mouth which begins to circulate across Europe. 

You like to share a Spritz during our confidential sales? U.S. too !

You like to talk personalization, colors, materials and styles during our video Made in Colors? U.S. too !

Do you adhere to our responsible approach and share our values? Beh, allora ... 

Join us and together let's dance the Whole earth ! 

Occasionally or regularly, by managing your time as you wish, by balancing free time, family life and professional activity ... we will be delighted to have you on our team.

No secrets between us, we will tell each other everything! 

Aurélie & Andrea