The time of a dance

Live on Instagram on @cabeceoshoes

The time of a dance is an intimate and colorful LIVE Instagram with friends, clients, designers, enthusiasts.

To have fun, to make ourselves feel good and to remember that together we are stronger!   

The principle is simple: to the tempo of music chosen by our guest, we will talk about matter, colors, rhythm, dance and ... much more!














Discover Eric

 LIVE # 2 Léonore Baulac 

Discover Leonore

LIVE # 3 Emmanuel Braudeau 

Discover Emmanuel

LIVE # 4 Ari Rossner

Discover Ari


LIVE # 5 Carolina Sanchez

Discover Carolina

LIVE # 6 Eric Yung 


LIVE # 7 Clara de Montesquieu 

Discover Clara

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