Autumn kicks me off!

We officially declare open season of autumn ! 
So let's enter the dance of its first whirlwinds...

The air is colored like a rainbow perfumed, new shades as the city embraces its seasonal coat.

The magic happens: the lights golden beautify and warm the streets. The metamorphosis of plants offers us an anthology of colors: vermilionrouillesafranpurple merge into a harmonious Ballet ,.
While Mother Nature offers us this new adornment, 
it's time for us to offer you new mix and match
to instill a new style in your daily life.


The time has finally come to wear our great boots !
Have fun choosing the style which represents you the most...

Today will you be cavallino glitterexotic leathersuedelaminated  ?
Look with what harmony of colors your can  illuminate your days! Any occasion is good to put on our Lili cavallino boots!!

What will be your next pair of Lili boots to complete your collection?
With which color will you open them dances this fall ?

Aurélie & Andrea
The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold...

Turn up the sound and swing our playlist Shades of Autumn !

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