More words, more words...

Words, words, words...
who doesn't know this song! Few know, however, that this hit by Dalida was originally written and performed by Mina, famous Italian singer.
An artist with an intense and pure voice who knows how to make us dream et to sing.
Her songs, her poems, illuminate our days and make us want to travel.
When the radio is on Words, words, words, a thousand memories and emotions awaken in us!
Mina is a muse and a source of inspiration. A symbol of elegancefemininity and sensuality, just like our favorite shoes. ;-)
Our Mina, emblem of charm and style, also knows how to be versatile….
Let's discover her in her autumn dress, made from jeans, tights, sequined socks ou long skirts !
Our iconic Mina will illuminate any outfit with its elegance, giving it this little je ne sais quoi of uniqueness. It's up to you to choose the color which looks the most like you today.
A party in sight? The Mina silver laminate will be your best ally. Your mood is capricious? Put it on Mina multiwithgold to feel invincible. To happily cross the autumn, the Mina green is undeniably essential... And yes, there is a Mina for all situations!
Feet kept warm in the most prestigious leathers, you will feel enveloped in protective softness like a cotton cocoon.
Joy insured for the one who wears them!
The vita e ballo!

Aurélie & Andrea

It's strange,
I don't know what's happening to me tonightI look at you for the first time...
Relax and enjoy our playlist 
Words, words, words

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