Confidential sales

Always respecting barrier gestures ...
We love the direct contact with you We love to come meet you, listen to your stories and share ours ...

Cabeceo is a nomadic brand!

Paris, London, Geneva, Milan, Marseille, Lille, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Como... 

PopUp, Private sales, confidential sales, events... we are almost always on the road for
bring our brand to life. This is how we imagine Cabeceo: an experience in its own right! 

15 models, 95 variations of colors and materials, several heel heights but also the assurance of the comfort of a unique liner approved by our dancers and our customers. Colors, magical places, beautiful encounters, music and always good Spritz

But how do we know in advance where we will put our boxes next? How do we know the place and the date to come and party with us and discover our very colorful, feminine and super comfortable universe?

Our next sales are always announced on this page.

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