The notion of time

The notion of time is essential for Cabeceo.

Since 2012 we have been supporters of a reasoned act of purchasing. Buy less but buy better. Today true luxury is no longer in the possession of a product but in the experience that we do.

Most of our shoes are produced to order. We are waiting to hear your desires to give them shape.

Between 4 and 8 weeks this is the time it takes us to make your Cabeceo shoes for you.

This time is the time of a artisanal and local production, 100% made in Italy with Responsibility Law and ethical sense.

Our shoes are entirely hand crafted by craftsmen specializing in luxury.

From the choice of leather and its color to the boxing of the shoe for shipping, more than 150 different operations and approximately 40 hours of work are needed to produce a pair of Cabeceo shoes. 

Each step requires different stakeholders with knowledge and know-how and specific expertise. specific.

Time to cut, time to sew, time to assemble, nail, glue, color, clean. No secret: to make a pair of Cabeceo shoes it takes time.

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